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Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

When home is no longer safe for a child, and the child must enter the foster care system, a judge may appoint a committed volunteer called a CASA or Court Appointed Special Advocate. The volunteer’s focus is on the child, providing hope and help in guiding the child to a safe, permanent home.

The group became formally incorporated as CASA of the Tom Green County on March 26, 1987. Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) joined the Children’s Advocacy Center in 1998. The program’s mission is to speak for the best interests of abused and neglected children whose future home will be determined by a Court of Law. Volunteers embody the spirit of the program and CASA’s goal is to provide each child a safe, permanent and nurturing home.

Who are our CASA volunteers?

CASA volunteers are from all walks of life, ages, and ethnic groups who are trained to act as court-appointed advocates for children involved in the judicial process. CASA’s primary mandate is to provide advocacy for abused and neglected children who have been removed from their homes and who are in state conservatorship. As trained volunteers, CASA volunteers are appointed by judges to be a voice for these children in Court. CASA volunteers are ordinary people who are committed to doing what is best for a child in the foster care system. CASA volunteers serve as the court’s eyes and ears to give the judge information that will help decide whether a child should stay with parents, be placed with relatives, or be freed for permanent adoption.

How to Volunteer:

Visit our CASA Application Page or call 325-653-4673(HOPE)

Volunteers must be at least 21 years of age.

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Hope House

Historically, when responding to reports of child abuse and neglect, numerous problems have been encountered, including excessive interviews of child victims, development of physical evidence and lack of communication among involved agencies and individuals.

Having recognized these issues, Tom Green County developed a cooperative team approach to the investigation of child abuse and neglect. Beginning in November of 1992, the first child was interviewed at Hope House. Hope House staff work with representatives from Child Protective Services, the police department, the sheriff’s office, the district attorney’s office, medical personnel, therapists and other community service agencies, who comprise a team of experts designed to review cases of children who have been abused and determine if there is enough evidence to pursue prosecution against the alleged perpetrator.

This is an important component as it brings justice to children who have been traumatized by abuse. Hope House provides a warm, home -like, neutral environment for children who are brought here for the interview process upon an outcry of alleged abuse or neglect.

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Family Enrichment Services (FES)

Parenting is not easy, and we all need help from time to time. Family Enrichment Services builds stronger families with its free services, which are offered in Tom Green, Concho and Runnels counties.

Additional FES Programs
h4. Parents as Teachers
Parents as Teachers is a home visitation program that addresses child development and encourages positive parent-child relationships for prenatal to five years of age. The program screens for developmental delays and health issues, provides referrals to community resources and invites families to a monthly Play and Learn family event.

Circle of Parents
Circle of Parents® provides a friendly, supportive environment led by parents and other caregivers. It’s a place where anyone in a parenting role can find and share support by openly discussing the successes and challenges of raising children. Circle of Parents groups meet weekly, are free of charge, and foster an open exchange of ideas, support, information and resources. These kinds of groups serve those parenting children of all ages and families of all types.

How to Volunteer:
Please call 325-653-4673(HOPE) to volunteer for Family Enrichment Services

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Child Fatality Review Team (CFRT)

Evaluates every child death in a 13-county region. The goal is to improve the response to child fatalities, while learning what can be done to prevent future child deaths from occurring. The CFRT strives to provide accurate information on how and why children in our area are dying.

Ultimately, the goal is to reduce the number of preventable child deaths by establishing an effective review and standardized data collection system for all child fatalities. Child fatality review teams are multi-disciplinary, multi-agency panels that review all child deaths regardless of the cause. Members include law enforcement, prosecutors, medical examiners, justices of the peace, health care professionals, child protective services, public and mental health professionals, educators and child advocates. These teams are uniquely qualified to understand what no single agency or group working alone can: how and why children are dying in their community.

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Partner Programs

Concho Valley Family Alliance

The Concho Family Alliance is a partnership between parents, agencies, business leaders, and other community residents committed to building a unified community that strengthens families.

The Concho Valley Family Alliance (CVFA) is a coalition comprised of parents, agencies, business leaders, churches, and other community residents steadfast in the mission of building a unified community to strengthen families. Since its inception in 2005, CVFA has modified and established programs and initiatives aimed at better meeting the needs of families and children.

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